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"The kings of 100% acoustic folk-skiffle-swing holiday highjinks"

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Long Anticipated 3rd album by the stalwart purveyors of the Jugabilly Mystique: Dan Hicks ("Canned Music"), Paul Rogers (Those Darn Accordions), Tim Eschliman (Etta James, Rhythmtown Jive), Austin de Lone (Nick Lowe), Lance Dickerson (original Commander Cody Lost Planet Airman), Nik Phelps (Club Foot Orchestra, Sprocket Ensemble), Bill DeKuiper, and Blake Richardson with special guests Norton Buffalo (Steve Miller), Gregory Leroy Dewey (Mad River, Country Joe & the Fish), Paul Robinson (Al Stewart), and more

In celebration of 20 seasons of San Francisco Bay Area Christmas shows, these kings of skiffle-swing have delivered an over 53 minute all-acoustic tirade on the offbeat side of the holidays. As is their wont, this album features originals, parody rewrites of unlikely standards, and just plain old wacky renderings of traditional holiday numbers. "Rhythm on the Roof" threatens to outpace the CJB's own "Mistletoe Jam" as one of the top classic alternative Christmas albums.

Photo by Barbara Keller

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  1. "That's His Red Wagon"
  2. "Waitin for Santa Claus"
  3. "Santa Don't Do It"
  4. "The Real Deal"
  5. "Christmas Time Is Here"
  6. "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas"
  7. "I Know What I'm Gettin'"
  8. "Winter Wonderland"
  9. "Merry Christmas Baby"
  10. "Washboard Road"
  11. "If I Don't Have a Chimney"
  12. "Santa Don't Do It"
  13. "Mr. Santa"
  14. "Silver Bells"
  15. "Daddy's Drinkin' Up Our Christmas"
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